What to Do If You Have A Dental Emergency During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Man Holding Face In Pain

Covid-19 has brought with it a seemingly ever-increasing list of challenges as it hangs on. Cities and even whole states have transitioned between stages, with cases of COVID waxing and waning as the weeks go by. Emergency centers have seen sharp declines in patients coming in, even for life-threatening conditions. Patients’ willingness and ability to seek and receive medical care has been sharply impacted due to social distancing laws, reduced operating hours, and limitations in the services available. This has left many dental patients wondering what they should do if they experience a dental emergency during this time.

What Constitutes A Dental Emergency?

The initial thing that has to be defined before discussing what to do in the event of a dental emergency is to define them. Many conditions that patients may not consider emergent are, in fact, in need of immediate care. Among them is any case of severe dental pain, the appearance of bumps, red patches, lumps, or white patches that don’t disappear in a few days, etc. In addition to these conditions, the following dental health concerns are considered to be a dental emergency for the sake of this article:

  • Pain Caused by Wisdom Teething
  • Abscesses that are accompanied by Swelling and Pain
  • Broken or chipped teeth that cause pain or severe damage to the gums
  • Trauma resulting in teeth that are dislodged or knocked outcomes
  • Dental treatment that must be performed prior to vital medical procedures
  • Broken fillings or decay that results in pain-free
  • Loss or damaged temporary restorations, or those that are irritating the gums

These conditions constitute the most common forms of dental emergency that need immediate care from your dentist. Each of them is a precursor to worsening conditions, or that will have a critical impact on your quality of life until they’re addressed. If you’re experiencing any of these conditions, it’s time to reach out to your dentist.

Shouldn’t I Delay Dental Visits Due To COVID?

There is never a good cause to delay emergent care, even and perhaps especially during the pandemic. In fact, most experts are advising that even regular dental visits should be kept during this time. While it’s true that many clinics may have reduced hours or limited occupancy during this time, making and keeping your regular visits during this time is important. Failing to do so can create advanced health concerns that can actually put you at additional risk during the pandemic. With no current end to the pandemic in sight, there’s simply no reason to avoid taking care of your overall health.

Don’t wait to take care of your dental health emergencies. Contact Dr. Gina Covington at Covington Dental in Hickory, NC, today. When you reach our friendly staff, they’ll advise you of the closest appointment time and what precautions you can use to stay healthy during a visit to our location. The pandemic has brought new worries into the lives of everyone, don’t let the state of your dental care be one of them. Call today!

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