Dental Implants

graphic of what a dental implant looks like

Missing teeth can take the fun right out of life! Chewing is difficult, even with dentures, smiling can be embarrassing, and worst of all, it can shift your bite and cause headaches and jaw pain. We want to help.

Our dental implants and implant-supported dentures not only replace your teeth, they replace your missing roots too, for the ultimate in support, stability, and strength. Nothing could ever feel so much like your very own teeth!

What’s So Special About Dental Implants?

We could go on and on about this topic, but here is is in a nutshell: Dental Implants look, feel and function just like your natural teeth. While this may sound like science fiction, the technology is well established. In fact, we have been placing dental implants with great success for years and years.

The foundation of the dental implant is a strong and biocompatible Titanium post. At Covington Dental, we make sure the posts are placed as precisely and comfortably as possible with the use of cone beam dental Imaging. This advanced medical scanning technology allows us to map both the exact placement site and the angle of the implant post before we even begin surgery. With this technology, surgery is less invasive and healing time is accelerated. As you heal, the Titanium actually fuses to your jawbone and essentially becomes a new tooth root.

Once the posts have healed in place, we create a porcelain implant crown. Bonded in place, this crown has all the chewing power of a natural tooth. We also create this tooth to look completely natural, with all the same translucency and color variation your own tooth had.

The Benefits of Dental Implants

The security and stability of dental implants let you eat what you like with complete confidence and freedom. Your teeth will never slip, clack, or come out. You can even eat things like apples and corn on the cob! After meals, you brush and floss your teeth just they way you always have – no removal for soaking or special care.

Not only do dental implants provide you with a permanent solution to your missing teeth, they also enhance your health. The implants create a comfortable bite, so you’re able to chew very naturally. No more pinching or irritating as you have with dentures. In addition, they reduce the chances of gum disease. Last but not least, they’ll return your smile to its natural beauty! And isn’t that a terrific bonus?